What is Natural Farming?

According to our personal opinions here at GoldenRoots on farming methods, it is a method of farming that uses a specific system of balance to create fertility to generate a living eco-system in the soil to mimic and become as close to the native untouched forest as possible. During these methods of farming, the goal and focus is to generate living microbes, fungal associations, insects, nematodes, etc. which live in balance with each other to generate a fertile, life-giving soil environment for the plant to have access to the nutrients, exudates, etc in the balance of a living ecosystem. The balance of which natural

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farming wishes to attain also has a healthy balance of bacteria and fungi.

Living (Cover) plants co-inhabit the main crop to co-create this soil life to support creatures on the surface and below. Ex: pollinators, birds, rabbits, earthworms, etc.


In addition, soil additives are used as a food source for the indigenous microbes in the soil (the crop medium) that supports the ecology of the environment, the main plant, and cover plants needed for optimum health.



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