What is Bokashi?

Golden roots Bokashi is a medium of wheat bran mixed with a culture of anaerobic and aerobic, non-chemical, non-toxic (eco-friendly), and non-pathogenic beneficial microorganisms. Bokashi encourages the growth of beneficial microbes indigenous to the environment. As well as growing in numbers, their capabilities continue to grow and effectively bio-remediate soil, waste materials, and water. The diversity of Bokashi is unique and highly effective in a variety of bio-applications.

What is Bio-remediation?

Microorganisms are used to degrade organic contaminants in soil, groundwater, sludge, and solids. The microorganisms break down contaminants by using them as an energy source or co-metabolizing them with an energy source.



Compost Activator
– Eco-Friendly
– Increases Microbial Activity
– Odor-Free
– Highly Efficient
– Compost Time Greatly Reduced

Soil Activator
– Eco-Friendly
– Increases Microbial Activity
– Stimulates Roots
– Enlivens Stagnant Soil
– Boosts Nutrient Availability
– Promotes Growth, Flowering & Fruiting

Bokashi Tea

 – Increases Beneficial Microbes
– Stimulates Plant Growth

– Breaks Down Amendments

Waste Applications
– Septic Tank/ Composting Toilets
– Eco-Friendly
– Reduces Sludge
– Less Odors
– Eco-Friendly
– Safe/Non-toxic
– Deodorizer- Reduces Odors indoors


Composting/Food Organic Waste:
1.)Depending on size of bokashi/compost container and amount of food: -Use 1⁄4 cup bokashi and sprinkle evenly on approximately 2 inches of food waste.
2.) Continue to stack food waste alternating with Bokashi and tamping down compost after each fill eliminating any air or oxygen.
3.) Once bucket is filled, cap tightly and let sit for minimum of 3 weeks.
4.) Mix with soil and/or dig a hole and empty it in.
5.) Becomes high quality compost that can be used on plants and garden.
6.) Bokashi liquid can be used in the soil at a ratio of 500 to 1.



Soil Activator:

Scratch in top of soil of plant. Water in. Repeat as much as every two-three weeks or as needed. For new potting soil, mix with soil thoroughly at a rate of 1⁄2 cup per gallon. After the hole for the transplant is established, sprinkle bokashi in with amend- ments and tea in before the plant is placed.
Bokashi Tea:
For a 5 gallon bucket filled with water, add up to 2 cups bokashi with amendments, earthworm castings, fish hydrolysate, compost and aerate with an oxygenator for 24 to 36 hours until foam is formed on top. Foliar feed or top dress tea on plants.
Wherever foul odors occur, sprinkle bokashi into pet waste area in a thin layer. Can be used in kitty litter boxes, reptile cages, chicken pens, etc. Can also be mixed with pet waste to facilitate breakdown of solid wastes.
Septic Tank/Composting Toilet:
Monthly, flush 1 cup bokashi down the toilet to reduce sludge and foul gases. Facilitates breakdown. In a composting toilet, sprinkle bokashi enough to cover waste. Continue to use as the toilet fills.

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